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Cayman Islands Corporate Governance

EisnerAmper Governance Advantage

For Corporate Governance in the Cayman Islands, EA Governance provides fund governance through the provision of professional directors who are duly qualified and experienced in the investment fund industry. Our directors are dependable, engaged, and readily available for our clients with intentionally limited capacity for board appointments. Conflicts of interest are critical to our roles as fiduciaries, and we do not provide services where there is any such instance. 

Along with governance consulting, EA Governance provides Directors, Managing Members, Independent Fund Representatives, and members for Investment Advisory, Limited Partnership Advisory, and Conflict Advisory Committees.

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance consists of systems that direct and control organisations to ensure that they operate ethically and impartially. Additionally, to oversee that an entity abides by all the rules and regulations. 

The underlying purpose of corporate governance is to assist a business in setting up and monitoring sound management practices that enable sustainability and longstanding success for your company.

Is There a Prescribed Process for Good Corporate Governance?

Certain entities are mandated to comply with corporate governance rules put in place by the regulator while for others it is good practice. A good corporate governance structure relies on the requirements for the organisation set by Acts and regulatory bodies.

The most common elements indispensable for corporate governance are:

  • Rule of Act
  • Transparency
  • Receptivity
  • Consensus Oriented
  • Equity and Inclusiveness
  • Productiveness and Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Participation


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Isatou Smith

Managing Director

Isatou has been in the investment funds industry for over twenty years and has significant regulatory experience in the area of investments and securities. Isatou oversees the EA Governance office and also acts a director on investment funds.

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