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International Tax Compliance Service in Cayman Islands

FATCA & CRS compliance plays an integral role in effective corporate governance. EisnerAmper Governance works with our clients to determine the best way to meet the relevant legislative tax regimes’ requirements and make the required filings under FATCA/CRS. We provide full-service solutions and can identify, remediate, report, offer officer appointments or minimal assistance with queries related to filings.

The EA Governance Services for FATCA & CRS in the Cayman Islands include

  • Helping with FATCA and CRS application obligations
  • Assisting on entity classification, local and international tax authority registration, obtaining “GIINs” and notifications and alliance with local authorities
  • Assisting on availability of privileges, self-certification and due industry requirements
  • Drafting or evaluating CRS policies and procedures
  • Formulating or evaluating language for offering materials, constitutional and additional documents
  • Preparation of IRS and CRS compliant tax documentation
  • Preparation and filing of reports to meet applicable legal requirements

FATCA AND CRS – Overview

With ever-rising obligations in context to the tax reporting assuring compliance with Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance (“FATCA”) legislation in Cayman is tedious. 

The impact that FATCA will have on a Cayman Islands entity fundamentally depends on whether the Cayman Islands entity is a Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI).

US FATCA obliges non-US financial institutions to report to the US Internal Revenue Service details of accounts held by US citizens or taxpayers. UK FATCA has similar regulation that demands financial institutions in the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories to report on accounts they hold for the benefit of UK tax residents. The FATCA regulatory regimes aim to identify those who may be evading tax in their home countries.

The CRS, a global standard for reporting such information, allows tax authorities to understand better financial assets held abroad by their residents. The US and UK FATCA legislation and the CRS are collectively perceived as Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI).


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Isatou Smith

Managing Director

Isatou has been in the investment funds industry for over twenty years and has significant regulatory experience in the area of investments and securities. Isatou oversees the EA Governance office and also acts a director on investment funds.

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